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From: Jake Audio
Subject: Family Is Always Welcome: Part 2 Dad's Returns!This story is in no way real, just a nice piece of fiction!Hope it's up to par! Never forget Fantasy is one thing reality is another!
With that said please enjoy the story by all means. That's why I write, for
people to enjoy themselves. LOL!Family Is Always Welcome: Part 2 Dad's Returns!It was now the day that my son-in-law hence the boy's dad returned. Troy,
Terry, and Travis were 5' 9'' with facial hair must as were they the day
they arrived. They had just matured more in their features and now they
sported dicks my almost my size as well as shaving regular. They were now
17 and more into sex than before. Tony was now 12 years old and his dick
was just under six inches. He had done a lot of fucking me and his
brothers. But he had saved his ass for his dad.We made our way to the Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport. As we waited for my son-in
law to get off the plane we all wondered how he would be once he saw
us. When all was said and done. It had been 18 months since he left as the
tour had added more months as he had spent some time in California doing
some special training and debriefing that might lead to other stuff. He's
thinking of retiring He was now at 20 years and wasn't sure he wanted to
stay in after loosing his wife.The 38 year old man approached us unsure what to expect from us. I embraced
him first and he too almost ran to me. "Mike..."
"Miguel it's so good to see you." I freedom lolita bbs elwebbs
told him. It was ironic that he
had the same name as me. It was just the Spanish form. As we finally got
his luggage and made our way out of the huge city like airport he talked
about his tour of duty nothing special. But the minute we got into the car
he started to cry. I suspected that he had been holding a lot of it back. I
asked him once if he was OK. He just said he need to cry it out and sobbed
the whole way home. Two hours later we pulled into the drive way and the
boys took his stuff into the house. I had told them to let me and his dad
talk for a while if that what their dad wanted. I had been right to
anticipate that. I even told he might cry regarding your mother. That was
only one reason of many for his tearful day.
"Mike, you have done a great job with the boys. They look healthy
and happy."
"You can call me dad if you want."
"Dad, you're the best. So I guess they tricked you into sex too?"
"Yes, but Tony is still a virgin regarding his ass. He's been
waiting for you."
"Really. I had no idea. I could fancy a fuck or two before I do
him. I think I would hurt the boy if I took him now. I've only jerked off a
few times a month since Jill died. I couldn't betray her memory. I miss her
even more now that I can't see her."
"Well why not come to me for that love. You know I've always like
you son. I mean Miguel."
"I like it when you sometimes call me son. I haven't had a dad ever
like you. My dad was a good man but he died in the service of his
country. I had a few bad step days who hurt my mom and didn't care for me
or any of my siblings. You've always treated me like your own son. Some of
my brothers married non Mexicans too, and their father-in-laws treat them
like their inferiors."
"I don't understand that Son." I spoke.
"Mike, I mean Dad. Many people look at someone different and can't
treat them as equals."
"Well son you've always been a good man, taking care of your wife
and family. I have so much respect for you son. You're one of the best men
I know, I only see a man who lost his kiddy lolita nude pics wife and a father who cares for his
family. Its such a relief to have you here I know you need time to really
grieve. But ultimately I love you more than a son."I didn't want to wait to show him my love any more I hugged him in a
different way than at the airport. I soon found his lips and covered them
with mine. One kiss led to another and soon I had led him into the house
and upstairs s to my room and soon had both of us on the bed naked. He was
almost crying as I sucked on his 8 inches of meat. I wanted him to fuck me,
I was a bit scared to have that monster up in me. But right now only love
filled me. I pulled off his dick and hugged him as he started to ball and
sob again.
"What is Miguel?"
"I feel so welcome and loved by you. I'm not going back to the
service. I'll take care of everything so I can get our of the service in
the next couple of weeks. I don't want to be away from you or the boys."
"O Son that is so wonderful." I pulled us back into a passionate
kiss. Then I pulled him on top of me and ground our dick together. We went
at it for quite a while feeling each other and rubbing our bodies
together. We both shot our first load of the night. Miguel still had a bit
of a distant look in his face.
"Son are you OK?"
"Dad I don't know. I glad to be doing this with you and your are
the best man I know." He started to cry again. I got off him quickly and
had his dick in my mouth. He stopped crying and was soon pushing up into my
mouth. I was rewarded by a mouth full of cum and then got back on the bed
on top of Miguel and kissed him with a mouth full of his own cum. He just
smiled at me and sucked it out of my mouth. I swallowed what I had left and
went back to kissing him. He suddenly got hard again and we were grinding
our dicks together again. I didn't want to come they way again. I wanted to
be fucked.
"Son I want you to fuck right now. I want you to be a lolita young nude free part of me
forever." He almost started to cry again as I pulled up my legs. He then
licked my hole out real good. I told him where the lube was and he put lolita daughter non nude
large amount on my ass and on his dick. Then he put it at the entrance to
my ass.
"Go easy son, I want to enjoy it, not to mention that beast of
yours the biggest thing to ever go into me." He was so loving and rubbed my
hole slowly and just jabbed at my hole for a while. The pleasure on his
face said it all. Then suddenly about an inch went into me. He just held lesbian seduce preteen lolita
there. "O Son, your so big. Push some more." He pushed a bit more and
waited again. This went on for about 10 minutes.
"Hummm. That's all I got dad. I'm all the way in."
"I don't know what to think. The boys are definitely smaller son."
"Are you OK Dad?"
"Yes. Just give another minute and start moving the way you want."Thank goodness I had let the boys fuck me all the time. Miguel was bigger
and his dick was much thicker. I'd had a time swallowing it when I sucked
him. It felt bigger in my ass. He gave me more than a minute. He would
later tell me he had never fucked a real man before, only as a kid did he
fool around with anyone till the boys tricked him into it. Yet he never
knew how wonderful fucking a man could be.He pound my ass like a maniac and bushed across my prostrate with that
wonderful dick of his so many times that I came hard and strong without
realizing it was happen till I explode on to my own stomach and face. I was
yelling at the top of my lungs along with Miguel as his dick explode at
about the same time. I felt ever spurt of his dick from the moment it had
gotten bigger to about 20 pulses of cum filled me. I had shot so hard I
almost felt like I could pass out. It wasn't just the sex, it was who was
doing it with me. Miguel was the now my best friend and lover. I told him
he was now part of me and me him. He pulled out slowly and cuddled up to me
and cry all the more. He must have cried about a half hour.That would be the last time he would ever cry like that. We each gained
strength from each other over the years when any things bad happened free gallery loli rompl
or we
needed help with anything.Within weeks Miguel got his official release from the service. He was even
able to start getting money every month. I felt sorry for the boys if they
ever joined the service as they would be able to start collecting a
retirement check form the milliary even if they did 20 years till
retirement age. Miguel income made if possible for him not to have to
work. In fact along with my income it made it possible for younggirls lolita nude ilegal us to travel
every once in a while to wherever we wanted.It turns out that he had already decided to get out but he had left the
door open in case he didn't feel welcome with us. There was no woman in our
relationship. We were both real men and neither of us acted like a
woman. We didn't find that sexual anyway you look at it. I not saying there
would never be another woman in Miguel's life. But she would always have to
understand how the family worked. Sex amongst the two men was part of the
deal.The next morning at breakfast the boys asked how everything was. We were
all wearing underwear briefs. It was after a house of men.
"Boys. Granddad and I are gonna be here forever." Said Miguel.
"Dad are you gonna fuck me up the ass just yet." Asked Tony.
"I need time to work up to that. And before any of you ask. Grandpa
and I are lovers and best friends."All the boys started to cheer. They had wondered if everything would work
out their dad. Now thye preteen russian nude lolitas
all talked real fast about what they heard last
night and what they did sexually. Tony mentioned again that he was still
waiting for Dad to fuck him in the ass the first time. It would be about a
month before that happened but when it did what a night.ABOUT A lolita daughter non nude MONTH LATER...
Miguel and I had just taken a shower and wanted to spend sometime in our
room for a quiet night maybe a little love making. We spent most of the
time in our underwear now a days when it was just a men and boys around the
"Dad, I'd like to invite Tony to join us. I might be ready to give
the boy what he wants."
"What ever you want son."He wasn't asking me so much as telling me so I wouldn't wonder what was
going on. He disappear and soon had Tony in tow.
"Hey Tony how would you like to sleep with us tonight?" I asked
"Am I gonna get fucked in the ass?"
"Can't say." Said Miguel.Tony shrugged his shoulder and jumped on the bed and got next to me. Miguel
Had avoided the boys sexually. He got on the bed on the other side of
Tony. As all three of us laid there. Miguel started to touch his son slowly
at first. He ran a hand on to Tony's shoulder. Since he was in just briefs
he shuttered as the skin on his shoulder was touched. He had wet one of his
finger and was now playing with one of the boys nipples. He leaned into his
right nipple and brushed a tongue over it as he played with the other one
further. He then leaned towards Tony and kissed the boy softly.The boy grabbed his dad softly and he then rolled on top of his dad and
started to grind his dick against his dad's. It was such a hot sight and my
dick was leaking like crazy.
"Can I help with the briefs gentlemen." I asked the Miguel and
Tony. They both said yahh. So I pulled down and off Miguel's briefs
followed by Tony's. They were soon back to kiss and moving around on the
"Dad, I wanted this for so long. I didn't mind waiting cause I love
you." Said TonyFor a twelve year old he was amazing in his desire to please his dad.
"Dad this feels so incredible but I want to suck your dick so bad."
He got off the bed and leaned over his dad and grabbed onto his dick and
started running his sweet extreme pre lolita portal boy tongue over the head of his dad cut dick.
"Shit that is so good son." He soon had his dad under his
control. He got part way onto the bed between Miguel's legs. He licked his
way up and down his dad meat. This was a moment for Tony that he wanted to
last so he got his dad almost begging to cum. He grabbed the end of
Miguel's dick and squeezed the head softly then hard bring his dad's down
excitement wise.
"Sorry Dad, but this isn't end quickly. I want you lesbian seduce preteen lolita begging for me
to let you cum." He then went back to his dad's dick for a moment and had
him lift his legs to get access to his butt hole. He then buried his face
in his dad's ass; He quickly started to lick from Miguel's dick to ass and
then around the ass a lot.
"Grandpa can you get the lube I want to bang dad like a salvation
army bad." We all laughed and Tony said he heard that in a movie. I got
the lube and he was soon working it into his dad followed by his dick at
the entrance to his hole. I had kiddy lolita nude pics
been banging Miguel for about a month just
as he had been doing me too. So as Tony put his just under six inches dick
at the hole as he went slowly. But instead of any pain it was pure pleasure
to Miguel. It was quite the site with his legs resting on his youngest
son's shoulders. I got up with my dick now bursting to be set free. I took
off my breifs and helped the lad hold his dad's legs. He pushed the head of
his dick in slightly. As the the head pushed in both father and son groaned
in what was true pleasure.
"O Tony my boy that feels so good. When you hit bottom enjoy the
feeling of being in your dad's butt. It's the first time son for us to
fuck. Move when your ready. I want this just as bad as you." Said Miguel.
As soon as Tony hit bottom he just held his dick there.
"Dad, it feels so good being in you. I'm glad I waited for you to
return. It wasn't easy. Grandpa and me spent a lot of times rubbing dicks
and other stuff. But the first time I was saving just for you." Said Tony
with the look of sheer joy on his face. He started to move his meat out of
his dad's meat locker so to speak. He so had a nice pace as he fucked his
dad hard.
"O shit it prefect, I love the way it feels dad. Its like your ass
was made for my dick."
"Yes son, it does seem to feel that way." At this point my dick
was leaking a lot. I could have lolita underage photo book sworn that all the prostrate fluid I had
would be gone just watching father and son bang younggirls lolita nude ilegal away in unison. As Tony
started moving faster I got behind the boy and helped him hold his dad's
legs. It all added to Tony's excitement as I was close to the boy.
"O Shit Its so good. Grandpa you're next I want to do this all the
time with you two." The boy had more speed than either I or his dad. My
dick was resting on his but as he rode his dad. I would have loved to put
it in his hole instead of just on his butt. But then this boy was still a
virgin back there. They both were almost screaming as they came. Miguel
hadn't even touched his dick as it spurt onto his stomach and chest.
The boy fell forward after his stopped cuming into his dad's hole,
onto his dad. They just hugged and enjoy the moment. It was the first time
Tony had put his dick into anything other than a hand or mouth.That's all for now....follow this link to my other stories /nifty/authors.html#jakeaudio
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